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Hardware and Maintenance


AvTech offers hardware for implementations and maintenance of the devices. Our skilled engineers ensure that repairs are done properly and on time. After each repair, all software is installed and configured to its original state.

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We offer highly customizable reports which give insights into your operation’s efficiency and needs. Our easily accessible online reporting gives you a review of statistics important to the running of your operation.



Beacons are an indoor proximity system that transmits a signal using Bluetooth low energy, or BLE for short. The signal contains a unique identifier for that beacon.


Linking airport and airline technology to mobile devices enables the leveraging of new data sets to give insights into passenger flow and behavior at the airport. This will make a massive contribution to improving your operations.


In addition to giving business intelligence and analytics, beacons will help create intelligent airports, airlines, and contractors. Beacon technology is an important part of location services and a gateway to a new era.


Contact AvTech to find out how to deploy Beacons throughout your operation!

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