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The Growing Challenge

In the past two years, more than 26 million

adult passengers with disabilities have

traveled for business or pleasure. Among

adults with disabilities traveling by air,

72% said they encountered major obstacles

with the airline and 65% with airports. 

About Our App

Built on the AvTech Connect platform, our

application helps SSR/PRM employees by removing the typical challenges that come along with their job. It will enhance the customer's experience, reduce complaints, and comply with government regulations (DOT/EC 1107/2006)​. See the features of our application below.

whiteboard tablet passenger's name
SSR/PRM wheelchair pushing service


Dispatch or Self-assign

Get a live look at incoming calls

and employee locations. Choose

between self-assign with dispatch

oversight or dispatching workflow.

Easy Transfer

Easily transfer passenger

assignments to other employees

through the app.


Display a passenger’s name on

your device as an employee awaits

his or her arrival.


Auto-schedule a preboard.

Well Check

Employees schedule passenger

well checks with ease.

Electric Cart Module

Mount your tablet directly

on the electric cart and use

our convenient electric cart mode.

airport dispatch console

Dispatch/Lead Console

Monitor all aspects of the operation from one screen anytime anywhere.

- Active Employees

- Calls in progress

- Past and future calls

- Real-time communication

- Reporting

  And so much more!

For Your Convenience

Our app...

- Is Apple and Android compatible

- Has Live Feed Integration 

- Is linked to airline FIDS and reservation systems​

- Has full Scanning Capabilities - Barcode/NFC

For Your Peace of Mind

Our app has...

- Integrated text messaging

- Secure audio communications

- Immediate supervisor notification

Smart phones

Additonal Features

- Airline/Airport branded signature screen

- Rate the service​

- Real-Time Connectivity

- Time stamped events

- Unaccompanied Minor Module (UMNR)

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