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About Our Platform

The AvTech Connect Platform has been developed to automate and manage complex workflows. The HTML5 Web Console is a state-of-the-art single page web application that works quickly and securely on all modern web browsers, providing centralized dispatch and reporting capabilities wherever it is required.

mobile smart phones
state of the art technology


The AvTech Connect mobile applications work on both Android and iOS mobile tablets and phones and provide users in the field information and tools to help them perform at their best. Focused on accuracy, ease of use, and reliability, AvTech Connect is the best solution in its class.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Company
Advanced Reporting

Enhance your operational intelligence with customized reports that analyze the performance of your operation.


Protect communications with integrated private text messaging and secure audio connection.

Resource Control

Direct your resources

and account for your

workflows in real time.

Work Anywhere

Extend your systems with powerful mobile applications tailored to tracking for best practice in your operation.

Location Tracking

Utilize GPS, NFC, barcode scanning, and beacons to provide accountability and efficiency in your operations.


Boost efficiency with highly customizable apps and 24/7 support from AvTech.

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