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Programmer II Job Summary

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Diagnose, program and test program change to address bugs and other performance issues

  2. Program and test new features and feature enhancements

  3. Design and code user interface components for web and mobile device applications

  4. Assist in the development and maintenance of a data warehouse

  5. Make product design and development process recommendations

  6. Provide recommendations for improving relational database design and performance

  7. Assist in developing and integrating of reports in our products

  8. Document new and existing code and assist with user documentation and training development

  9. Provide technical support and problem resolution assistance to the product support team as well as direct customer support as required

  10. Attend and participate in code-review and system design meetings


The Programmer II will be expected to learn and understand the architectures of various components comprising AvTech software, including the associated languages and frameworks employed throughout the product and provide support for fixing and enhancing these products.  All programming staff members are expected to create an individual plan for continuous improvement of their skills, including, but not limited to, technology used in AvTech products.


This job requires a combination of education and experience equivalent to 2 or more years of programming experience with an undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Science or related field. Apply below by emailing cover letter and resume.

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Assist in the monitoring and maintenance activities related to our online product servers

  2. Participate in customer presentations and demonstrations

  3. Work with customers to improve understanding of processes and needs that can be addressed through the use of our product(s)

  4. Other duties as assigned

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