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About Our App

Built on the AvTech Connect Platform, Cabin View will help the cabin cleaners' productivity by better organizing the team, raising awareness of tight timetables, increasing accountability, and raising survey scores. See all the features of our app below.

airplane cabin cleaning application

The Growing Challenge

A staggering 82% of flying passengers rate cabin cleanliness as an important influence in subsequent re-purchase decisions. Whether tackling quick-turns or RON cleans, aircraft

spend less time at gates than ever before.  To satisfy your passengers, your cleaners need state-of-the-art workflow technology.



One Device Per Team


No need for excess hardware and repairs on the job.

Track Performance


Track employee performance by type of aircraft and section. Special display for awards and coaching.

No Boarding Delays


Countdown to boarding ensures that no flight delays will be caused by cleaning.



Customizable integrated White Glove audits with pictures help keep your standards high.

For Your Convenience

Our app has...

- Text message notifications

- Timer for countdown to boarding

- Feed integrated with service schedule engine

- Assignments for the team upon boarding

Additional Features

- Service customized to you

- Optional display monitors with audit results

- Lost and found feature

- Time stamped events

Dispatch and Dashboard

Whether you oversee one or many operations, AvTech makes monitoring your cleaning performance quick and easy:

- Customized metrics

- All active and inactive employees

- Calls in progress

- Past and future calls

- Real-time communication

- Reporting

- Ask us about “Your Company” TV

  And so much more!

reporting data, dispatch and dashboard
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